Teaching Courses

First Semester Courses

Course CodeCourse NameSyllabus
HS6047Special Topics on Hydrological Modeling1. Review of basic hydrological processes and numerical method
2. Critical perspectives on model validation
3. Validation using remote sensing data
4. Scale issue in hydrological modeling
5. Hydrologic modeling using GIS data
HS6021Earth Hydrological CycleⅠ– Surface and Subsurface
1. Introduction: overview of hydrological cycle and basin characteristics
2. Precipitation: formation and type of precipitation, point and areal precipitation
3. Surface Abstraction, Evaporation, Transpiration, and Infiltration: interception, depression storage, water budget, energy budget, Green-Ampt model
4. Hydrograph Analysis and Hydrologic Modeling: unit hydrograph, S-hydrograph, instantaneous unit hydrograph, hydraulic routing
5. Rainfall Frequency Analysis: return period, extreme value distribution, reliability and risk
6. Groundwater movement: the fundamental law, assumptions and pertinent parameters, flow in saturated and unsaturated soil.
7. Hydrogeological Characteristics: types of aquifers and their influence on groundwater movement, surface water-groundwater interface.
8. Well Hydraulics: study of groundwater flow fields associated with pumping under different types of aquifers, mathematical analysis and field application.
9. Pumping Tests: field experiments of groundwater investigation, data analysis methods and field performance of the test.
HS6027Land Hydrological Processes1. 簡介水文循環概念
2. 降水觀測與面積降水估計
3. 蒸發散與截留過程
4. 土壤水分與入滲
5. 地下水與地表水交互關聯
6. 河川演算與降雨逕流模擬
7. 水文歷線分析
8. 水文頻率分析
2. 全球變遷之衝擊與可能影響
3. 全球變遷之衝擊與可能影響
4. 全球氣候變遷之減緩與調適
5. 全球變遷與永續發展:永續發展理念之提出與國際實踐
6. 空氣污染與全球暖化
7. 空氣污染的觀測、分析、模擬、和預測
8. 臺灣環境污染的過去、現在、及未來
9. 全球溫室效應氣體觀測
10. 水文循環與水資源
11. 水文環境與災害
12. 水資源衝擊與調適
13. 永續水資源
14. 氣候變遷與水資源、能源
15. 海岸環境變遷
16. 環境變遷與劇烈天氣
AP3081氣候變遷衝擊與調適1. 緒論與課程介紹
2. 氣候變遷與模擬
3. 氣候變遷預設情境之應用
4. 氣候變遷對河川流量之衝擊
5. 氣候變遷對農業需水量之衝擊
6. 氣候變遷對水資源之衝擊
7. 氣候變遷對稻米產量之衝擊
8. 氣候變遷對水環境之衝擊
9. 氣候變遷對自然災害防治之衝擊
10. 氣候變遷跨領域脆弱度評估
11. 氣候變遷衝擊評估之不確定性
12. 氣候變遷調適概論
13. 水資源調適策略
14. 糧食安全調適策略
15. 自然災害與水環境調適策略
16. 氣候變遷調適科技發展
CI3030水文學1. Introduction
2. Precipitation
3. Interception, depression storage, infiltration
4. Evapotranspiration
5. Groundwater
6. Runoff and river
7. Hydrological measurements
8. Discharge hydrograph
9. Hydrograph estimation
10. Flood routing
11. Frequency analysis and risk assessment
12. Hydrological design-estimation of retention pond capacity
13. Climate change

Second Semester Courses

Course CodeCourse NameSyllabus
GP4096地球水文循環概論1. Water and Energy in the Atmosphere
Physics of radiant energy; Water vapor
2. The Global Hydrologic Cycle
Basic aspects of global climate, the global hydrologic cycle; Greenhouse effect
3. Elements of land hydrology
Land hydrologic cycle; Precipitation; Evapotranspiration; Interception
4. Surface water hydrology
Watershed characteristics; Stream flow; Surface runoff; Rainfall runoff modeling
5. Groundwater hydrology
Infiltration; Groundwater flow; Relations between surface water and groundwater
6. Practical aspects of land hydrology
Water resource management; Flooding; Droughts
HS6048Applied Numerical Methods
0. Numerical Computing and Computers
1. Solving Nonlinear Equations
2. Solving Sets of Equations
3. Interpolation and Curve Fitting
4. Numerical Differentiation and Numerical Integration
5. Initial-Value Problems
6. Boundary-Value Problems
GP3086Earth Hydrological Cycle
1. Introduction
Hydrological cycle, Water budget
2. Water and Energy in the Atmosphere
Physics of radiant energy; Water vapor
3. Land-Atmosphere Interaction
Precipitation, Interception, Evapotranspiration
4. Basis for Analysis in Land Hydrology
Fluid statics; Fluid dynamics; Energy loss
5. Catchment Hydrology
Movement of water waves, Flood routing, Flood frequency analysis
6. Groundwater Hydraulics and Hydrology
Darcy’s law; Groundwater flow; Infiltration
7. Practical Aspects of Hydrology
Water resource management; Flooding; Droughts